Sunday, November 9, 2014

my last "training" and how awesome it was

There was this little one hour class I went to for work which was fantastic..our teacher a brilliant stunning (taurus) blond is always a pleasure to spend time with and she goes pretty fast so you are not stuck in stories about how great a company is because they are eco.
I have known her since the 90's.
She just gets smarter and smarter.
By the way, vitamins are made, like a recipe and "food" based doesn't mean much to me until they start talking about the recipe.
Otherwise, it could just mean they sprinkle some dried carrots on synthetic vitamins and call  it a day and billions made and sold.

We are slowly getting to find out how things are made in every area of our world. Vitamins can be fermented, spiced, and some new way garden of life started making organic vitamins. When they share their recipe for that I might like them enough to get excited.
I rarely do. I  get  excited about the teacher. This last one, Kelly, she brings cinnamon caplets and tells us to bite was glorious. I am getting a whole bottle. Talk about your mouth just waking up with sweet, juicy, shocking goodness. I ate two of them.
(Cinnamon Force, New Chapter)

Did you know that benzene is used to extract sillymarin from milk thistle..benzine?? No!
Yes! And many other chemicals I cannot list. Kelly can! She can most likely recite the whole fakin list!
ha hahaaa

I can listen to her talk to me all day about enzymes and proteins and the micro elements that are made in fermentation! She love the walking dead too. I told  her I got Robert Kirkman's books on audio and she said nothing.She didn't want to ruin it, which I appreciate more. She has even read the comics on The Walking Dead! That could be my next thing. I love the writers of walking dead! I am on the second book, The Fall Of The Governor. Right! I mean who doesn't like a good apocalypse story? The stuff John (or what ever priest in the roman empire decided to compose as a John))wrote in Revelation, pales to that.
I am not here to bible rant though, or rant about weather you get to wear your vestments to work for an already shitty company..or about the world of perfume..which to me is a wonderful place to lurk and read comments from my future prospects.
One time I tried to write a perfumer and tell her that she was amazing and very cold to me..I thought, "did she even write that book?"
Real people love talking about what they love to others who also love these things and who in a in a modern times way, we, you work in your tribe..
I think in the end and the beginning, you have to practice and learn to fit in your tribe and work things through to the next day..if you have a pile of unorganized clothing on top of papers and then a is time to focus again and wrap things up and go from a spot that fits and improves you..
On the other hand, if a perfumer or any  company continually goes the other way, with their cheap versions of real materials, they make a world of zombies..confused because they believe they smell good and do all the things the rich do.. medicated zombies?  Stinky too much liquor zombies? Bar zombies, who cannot even muster a thought of their own so they need that group thing to feel sexy..
Babe, look at yourself naked, without the spanks!
  Do some physical,  spanks..they do that..hahahaa

I am so excited that I  am getting salty.Walking Dead..and so it goes..we found out about Beth and fakin Dawn..
I will tell you in another note..
I love you!

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