Wednesday, September 4, 2013

dark moon in september

it is the dark moon
in September
Virgo Sun
Ceres, Demeter, Vesta
New Moon tomorrow September 5th at 7:30 am

Jupiter has   been opposing Pluto and both are  squared by Uranus..dang man
bottom line is that is was tense..and busy.
grief turns in to regret
there is  now a window where we can be more judicial in order to lessen some of the tension..
funny how money and having  makes for for less stress and even then we create stress for no reason

I would like to thank the gods
for sunflowers and the color yellow
for that boy at work who sang to me , out of the blue, he said he was a singer and I asked him which songs he likes..he sang was pretty..

have a sweet night and dream big now:) make a wish.
dig deeply
breathe in
peaceful mind
a friend's smile
thank you:)

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