Thursday, September 26, 2013

birch soap

You would be surprised about the birch soap on the menu. It smells like a camp fire and yet everyone buys it. I sell out of birch soap as fast as as any other "fancy" soap in my collection.
Well, perhaps people have all sorts of skin issues ranging from itchy to peely..
when you get peely, you are in trouble. plus, it can't be comfortable!
It separates in a weird sections because you hardly ever exfoliate?
I have a customer (yo), she is scared to give herself a good scrub down!
I've been scrubbing since 93!
I think Greek skin is tough!
Birch, one, it is the third in my plan to make three soaps  today and two, it heals a little, ya?
I think it does something.
I  know you know, that it is anti fungal and anti bacterial and anti oxidant so I won't bother ranting about its chemical components..seems to me that if humans have known of its medicinal effects for 40 thousand years, then that is good enough for me!

I hope you are well and happy on this very chilly morning in September! It is time to start fires and relax in our homes a little..I have two gloriously restful days coming up and then next week is another story..

Mars in Leo square Venus in Scorpio..
my feelings
my hurt
words hurt

That is Venus in Scorpio being compulsive because the lion in all of us wants adoration and complete submission to our greatness..and the scorpion wants to never be told what he wants!
It can play itself out in so many good ways unless you take the low road.
What is the low road?
Crying, banging your head, breaking up, getting violently back together, breaking up, each time putting a greater rift between your best self  and your obsession becomes greater than your true desire in all of this!
Love is like crack in a way, huh?
This simple little square in astrology can create scenarios which may be quite a challenge for some.
For others on the high road, why.. they have a view of the future and have clear sight to what is ahead..
one reason being that there are no tears in their eyes so that helps!
Another good thing about the high road is that you are in a better spot to "spot" predators..
as long as you are honest, everything is fine..crying does not fix treachery..face that and you might find a mirror...
Scorpio Venus is very much in need of love, stinging you along the way with poignant experiences and and the ability for excellence right down to the smallest fiber. leo always brings flair!
If you ask a Leo person to do something for you, they do it so you never forget how great they are..These types of squares in  astrology are always a great time to change, organize, review, stop and do it right, don't be so pissed off all the time!
Moods are like vampires!
Smiles are like boons, money, a sweet warm vetiver lime lover, a goat man, a round juicy woman who smells of patchouli and sandalwood or just neroli, a ginger cardamom dame, a perfect way to say thank you for this day:)

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