Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Patchouli from Eden Botanicals

I thought I would try a few ounces to see if I might like it. I do! It is smooth, creamy and old smelling! I am glad and so happy about it..
I also got a new Bulgarian rose from them..stunning is all I can say right  now! You order something, they give samples..that is how a business is run. I asked him for neroli sample he gave me like six of them..
I like that.. Sunrose gives nice samples too!

Omg, so good and what nice change from Sumatran! Not better, just a new experience and I like it..I already put some on me with the rose..and, I bought some vetiver from him too, organic, Sri he sent samples of all the other vetiver in his stock! I love vetiver almost more than any other oil right is so good and yummy! Like you!

Let's dream up something, now..something smelly and sweet and bittersweet even! Something here and now.

New potions coming up! I mean who doesn't want to dab a little bit of one before an event? I seem to make more sales at my job when I wear jasmine and sandalwood in the correct balance..not too much jasmine.
What do you think about these?

Patchouli Vetiver Potion
Patchouli Rose Potion
Vetiver Rose Potion
Vetiver alone in salve cream type potiony thing..

For sure more soap too..I just ran out of patchouli soap, old whore and there has to be a third one..
I am ready to make a ritual soap for someone nice..I hope she likes it and  I hope you do too..because I love you..hahahaa

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