Friday, September 20, 2013

happy full moon

lately as I pass this awesome property on 8 mile road, all I can fantasize about is, Anastasia's Place.
the building was an old fashioned donut shop and now stands there just waiting for someone to make something of it..
A Cafe
With an oven..awesome food and aromatherapy in its lovely section..
I dream sometimes:)
As I pass the old farmington donut shop and get all like happy or something, and as I approach the next awesome place, down the road, a lovely vacant home with a guest house and a couple of acres...I get giddy inside!
Sigh..what a lovely place that is! no neighbors, nothing but trees and brick house..
Now lets say that, I came across a few million, and let's say that I decided to buy the place..
full moons make you dream and expose your thoughts..

Now, don't get me wrong, I love it here..I just turned new soil over and planted balsam and tansy for next year..the whole side of the place is gonna be pink wild balsams..and, there will be twice the grapes..I know It is perfect!
I love it here, I do.

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