Friday, September 13, 2013

Riders On The Storm

I am waiting for sunrise so that I can go out there and pick up the deris from that fierce storm the other night!
Dude, trees fallen on peoples lawns and stuff!
I was at the height of this storm, making soap..I feel like we were right under something powerful. The sky was black!  Black I tell you!
You could hear the wind howl, it was shaking up the house..and..surely as the dim light of the sun any place where it is about 7ish, I am making soap..not all afraid..a tree could have hurled in here..branches were flying everywhere..but safely tucked in our home, we were oblivious to the violence outside.
The power went out after I was done. the storm lasted 30 minutes...
sigh...we were out of electricity for 24 hours..
"go read a book". I told them..sheesh, "what,  you can't live without Tumbler for an evening?"

The soap that came out of this deeply intense cell was a complex and very green purple in its own way..
violet and hay together has to be my new favorite little combo!
it is so so good..
hay absolute..
it smells of honey and late summer! It does!
It is gooey and sticky and sweet smellin..
I want to make some more things with is going to be an awesome Samhain, just awesome!
Now I want to make a honey propolis hay absolute that is a lovely idea!
have a wonderful day:)
Moon goes in to Capricorn later..
don't let yourself get all caught up in hurt feelings..
focus on your expertise and be humble, not a marter..there is a difference:)

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