Monday, September 2, 2013

Yvonne Elliman

Remember "everything alright" by Yvonne Ellman?
everythings alright
I saw this movie when I was 14 and the song she sang made me so happy..I had finally learned enough English and could understand lyrics..I thought I was so deep then..hahaha
But this Yvonne..
She is frinkin awesome!!
And so pretty. she had a thing with Eric Clampton..odd fellow,  he is..

point point..
there will be poor always
fighting and struggling
look at all the good things you've got

The secret!
The law of attraction!
Heaven and when I say heaven, I mean heavens.. multiple universes and stars as big as our whole solar system!!
Look at the ideas that bring happiness and joy. look at the babies everywhere right now. OMG, they are so cute, babies!! I must have encountered 20 of them yesterday!

This is a way a Libran looks at this..
If you are walking down the hall singing a Beatles or some other up beat ditty,  everyone will say "hello" to you. they will even join you in a little bit remembering of words in a song.
If you are walking down the hall crying, crying, crying day by day, proclaiming misery,  and then one fitful day,  they catch your eyes and they won't smile anymore..they are thinking that, enough is enough..

I am going to go  rub my feet with oils)))
(so, I think the oud is making me very energized, could that be true? Like a drug?)

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