Sunday, September 15, 2013

winter marble a sweet birch and wintergreen soap

winter marble

A beautiful sweet birch and wintergreen soap..

Wintergreen and sweet birch have their place in aromatherapy and health. I like their ability to be warming and cooling at the same time.
You might think that sweet birch and wintergreen are the same. they are not the same and there are differences..
I find birch to be a little softer and sweeter..Birch trees are among the sacred trees of the Druids. they are also related to Alder..also, their branches are very flexible..due to the concentration of methyl salicylate. (they make that synthetically  to get aspirin..)

Both wintergreen and sweet birch contain pain relieving properties.. nice for a steamy hot bath, soothing the muscles and making your pain go away..
I am not saying this soap will make your back pain or knee pain go away.
I do know that massaging deep hurting muscles can only help you. using a little birch oil will help a little more.
have a wonderful day!

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