Monday, September 16, 2013

obama care

You know what I think of Obama care?
Better you don't get sick  then put your hands and health in to strangers holding a pad  with all your criteria..
Have you ever smelled a hospital?
In the future your commode will have a detector which tests your body fluids and would detect even the most minute change..

If you do not feel good now, you must take drastic measures and change your life, no,  you can not eat salami all day and crusty European buttered bread every day and then go and drink artisan beer with friends every night.. eating out all the time puts the pounds on really fast.
It is all that refined flour and refined sugar and cheap oils they use in restaurants..
I know this!
Refined wheat has to be among the worst foods on Earth right now!
We get charts at work and information on processing and if you know what they do, you know what I am saying..
I will eat unrefined wheat and an occasional Italian toast and Irish butter. It is my favorite. the balance of grain to butter makes my stomach very happy. I need a little fat in my diet otherwise , I get weird..
I also note lately that all vegetarians are not created equal and some come to me with the same digestive disorders as anyone else in America,..acid stomach, gas and all that..
What is the answer to the question of good health?
Probiotics should be number one!
Drink kombucha and eat the means yogurt in Bulgarian:)

what does the fox say
please watch this and feel better:)

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