Sunday, September 8, 2013

keep on rambalin

School has begun and once again my home will be quiet for a good part of the day.
I love that!
I love that I can clean up the place and make skin care  without the backround noise of Family Guy in the back room.
Oh, I can filter out just about any ears are a keen as my nose nose is keen all day:)
One line that has stuck with me from that show is one where Brian say looking in to the camera, about why we don't help Bosnea or some third world country, beacuse it is my memory not an actual quote.. "maybe because there is no oil there"
Then it becomes political views, peoples ears start to flow fire and they get mad mad mad..
good! a government is like a family, what is equal and what isn't, what serves you and what doesn't..
We should question how this planet is run..otherwise we're all serfs, working for the lord on the kings road peddling our wares..
tell me modern day highways are not like the kings road? maybe that book game of thrones is getting to me:)

listen this fall is a pinnacle for us. me too. I have Libra Capricorn prominently placed in my chart..
All of us, we must be honest and say what is on our mind with out yelling or crying..
I can get kind of emotional and have learned through the years and experience, that calmatude is where its at.
**don't let your ego get in the way of your work..say quietly and calmly what you want for contentment..
**realize the choices you are making and the more you cover your tracks, the more your get tangled.
**become the person you are in you head.

Ceres is a bout the harvest and reaping what you have sewn..
You can tell what will work in a backyard garden by the end of the season when the weaker short lived plants start to die.
I believe ideas in our mind are like that..
we can look at what grows lush and yummy and what fades and dries out fast.

  You reach out to the shadow rescuer in your mind. You'll attract people who show you things about yourself you've never seen or thought about..You'll help others too..and perhaps some of you will show what not to do..
 Uranus, he is a sly one, that one..bringing lusty desires to the forefront with out really being able to finally deliver any lasting promise..

I love the shadow rescuer, I do, she is Ceres in my mind with Demeter in there too. She is Innana who has to stand alone and she is also very much the high priestess, divulging secrets worthy enough to explore..
don't be scared:)

I am so excited about the new blend.. I will have it ready by Tuesday next..yes!!
Shadow Rescuer
with violet leaf and oakmoss,  hay and tobacco and vanilla notes. I have added broom flower and vanilla and a shot of orange blossom too.
Talk about  a hay day!
I decided to channel Ceres, the harvest, autumn and its glorious smells, Mabon,strangely spicy, cool and animal... and all  of it, the harvest, the beautiful chill in the morning air, so crisp and moist and the dry out by noon when it is hot and sultry out there.

This time of year we have a plethora of tomatoes and garden vegetables and we have full bellies.
I want to stress my contentment and joy with my life and yours.
Not all of us going through a crisis and some us are thriving in our lives.

The harvest:)
50 years ago in my village of Proti, Florinis, I have memories of the ladies shucking corn and cleaning bean pods and my yia yia cooking food in her stone oven..that thing was huge! We  loved her cooking..her cooking house was separate from the main house. She had a courtyard, we went in the cooking house to have hot baths with water heated in the fire. I played with mud pies even then, hahahaa so they had to bathe me pretty much every mother muttering as she tried to comb my tangled hurt.
They though I was a handful!

blessing this day

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