Friday, September 20, 2013

the universe is going to catch you

a song about it

This last full moon seems to have kicked some ass yes?
 I have been working on a new incense blend..dang it  if I am not getting friking close! I still need calamus root and some  benzoin!
It is complicated.
and ten other oils including peru balsam!
I know! I haven't used that for a long long time. Mostly because I don't love it, I like it, but I don't love is too much of something..animistic or raw, too sweet, too intense, like a painful kiss on the brink of total kraken like release!
Release the kraken!!
I love saying that!
If you do, you had better be ready to deal with the fury and destruction you may leave in your path. Better to stop and think about your words and are gonna have to choose something, soon..give it a week or two!
I see people being too dramatic and letting themselves say and do things as if they are petulant children!
I will tell you something about me right now, I don't much care for violence like doors slamming and too much yelling..
I live with teenagers, that is my drama, I know that you have yours.
I am always yelling, 'Stop yelling, we're talking here!"
Greeks yell, it is true..but I am trying to be more Zen, can you dig it?
yes I can!

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