Sunday, September 15, 2013

good sunday to you

I love Sundays..even the ones when I go in to work.
I feel like everything is more still, at least here in Livonia it is.
I live in the older part where there are still parks and woods set aside for the neighborhoods. People walking their dogs up and down and birds singing!
The newer neighborhoods have no trees and there are strict rules about hanging clothes outside and things like that..
hey man, you live in Rome do as the Romans do..
I am not hanging clothes out there..but my point is that I could. My other point, is that I love it here as much as I've loved living anywhere..It may be my favorite place..
 I love is the dryer with lavender sprayed on a washcloth and then my clothes dried with that..:) it is a wonderful thing!

The weather went from 95 to 40 at night right quick too! It is like a light switch went on..
in a way that is true! The Sun has moved a degree or two and we're about to venture forth with another winter here in the Northern Hemisphere..
I hope that you all protect yourselves..
I am taking extra probiotics and eating more spice in my diet..
Did you know that cumin and ginger together have more anti oxidants and protective components that any vitamin you can take?
Here is a great spice mix  for health
taken twice daily
1/4 teaspoon

ground seeds of some sort
I use, milk thissle, grape seeds, strawberry seeds and hemp seeds
grind that in the vita mix till it is a powder:)
then I add,
black pepper
red pepper
I then grind that up some more with the seeds..
next I add,
bee pollen
and I mix that well in to a paste. I keep that in the cooler and take my dose..

Is it tasty?
Hmm, is not a pleasure food..just take it!
It'll warm you up and get your juices flowing!
The creative ones!

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