Friday, September 6, 2013

je me pelle

bon jour
je m' apelle anastasia

I will mangle French this year.  My boy is learning French this year, that means pretty much I will too..I'ts a wonder that I can't fly an airplane by now because I knew all the answers to the 100 question workbook..that was then, this is now. BTW propoline glycol is also used in airplane is a sort of you really want that on you?

This year, it is French with my boy and avoiding a fight with the one girl..she is so intense and good at art like all Aries people..and seriously, she is too big to take down with osoto gari and who needs that?
I would rather stretch and talk to you than fight with a silly girl. Teens don't seem  like their opinion being challenged. I always say to them.."calm down, what is the problem, is it your penis son?
"Mom!! Why??"
They laugh at me!
You mix Aries with anything and you have skill and precision with a sort of militant methodical regularity..
I'd say Taurus is still very much about art and good looks, it is simply that Aries will get down and dirty in rags for work and clean up, Taurus is like, "I always look tidy:)) and look at my hair but don't look like you are looking at my gorgeous hair?"
Gemini saunters, he feels hot
Virgo saves it all for closed doors. They are like Ceres who is the harvest and the enjoyment of good food and  earthly delights.
Cancer, says, "your're the one" to "the one" and then every one wants them more..
Leo, warm and fuzzy me me me
Libra, think about the word "Sovari". Greek it means sober but it doesn't exactly translate that have to be greek to understand the psycology..still, I am thinking legant, with vibrant glow.
Scorpio, sexy
Sagg, more
Cappy, clean sharp view
Aquarius, wants somethng more..a depper attachment and a deeper mind explore
Pisces, doesn't fuck around..they are getting done and staying suave at the same time.
have a wonderful day

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