Saturday, September 21, 2013

the other one now

here we have another bright idea in a sweet little potion

Feeling a little sure of yourself and a little happier with your day? Bergamot is like that. It drives away negativity!
 It is here to show that we can  allow for enjoyment and it is here to caress you  with a knowing look and a deeper meaning with what you are doing now.
What are you thinking? Who do you choose to spend time with and who will effect your day in the best possible way..
You will choose all the best things that serve you and accept the rest as fringe..the fringe that doesn't need you to worry about what the other one is doing, it is about what you are doing..
tend to that

calm mind

here is how you will think of this until you make it your own..
First, you'll get bergamot smoke  in your brain, clean, crisp, refreshing, shocking.. later in about three minutes or so,  you'll  get tea, frankincense, amber notes, smoke again all  fully fanned by bergamot..
perhaps this is what your want right about now?

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