Thursday, September 12, 2013

the violet the hay

Violet Soap

the last time I made this, many of you loved it. I didn't have  hay with its honey tones or ganet flower with it rare broomy scent then:)

I think you will note it green coming at you,  first thing. I think you'll come again to get something else.
Blond tobacco and vanilla as well as brightness from orange blossom absolute. So beautiful, so rare..

Think of this as something reminding you of late summer, a scent after a storm or the sweet smell in the taste of a summer apple..
yes there is scent in taste..course there is..

there are only seven generously cut bars..these are special in their seven-ness because seven is about nurturing and tending something..
be it a lover or your love of war and danger..
perhaps violet reminds us of our true selves..
and..they say Tonka bean brings good fortune..
it is a very suave scent this!
I love you
thank you

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