Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the long long day

it has felt as if I have been in a void..my legs heavy and dragging my ass all day yesterday. Today a little better but I worked with the two young boys..the one likes his body so much, he flexes in the mirror often through the day..the other too much fun..we sang "the lion sleeps tonight" Gemini! They are a gas!
The Moon was actually void on Monday I came to find out. No wonder, it felt as if I was on a cloud all of Monday afternoon.
All in all, I got a ton of things done, slowly and surely and now off to bed to dream..

I bought for a mere 9 dollars, Mystic's thing on 2014 and Pluto Uranus with Mars in Libra all Spring and Summer of 2014!


mystic medusa

I gleaned through it earlier and now to go over it a few times more. I think that she is so keen on astrology! Many astrologers have been talking about Pluto Square Uranus till 2016..
Pluto makes you change whether you want to or not..the easy way, or the hard way and then both at the same time..The best thing and the broken thing..get rid of it..or it may be taken away from you..eventually, you create mechanisms which shed old baggage and old wants..look at the future and what you are going to bring to the table..

Remember that 100% of the time, our misery comes from desire..not illness or some dumb idea that someone deemed as karma..that is a whole other thing..I am talking about emotions, stress, anger, being upset, depressed...them is all desire..(I meant to say "them"))
Karma? Dude, I realize we attract what we are, but, it seems like karma is more like a punishment made up by some holy people on a hill somewhere..that said, doing good brings more good..unless you live in Syria..then it doesn't matter! That is why karma does not work in the end. It plays favorites and God never would..You are iether forgiven or not.
Pluto makes you want things..Uranus drives you to manifest situations that are extreme..stop and think things through..be honest and be noble, try, and be comfortable..

spray lavender on your pillow.
Thank you:)

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