Tuesday, September 10, 2013

virgo is the sexiest sign in the zodiac for at least another two weeks

ten ( or more) reasons  why

usually the men are not  pretty like models but have an earthy appeal
the women are sultry
virgo men are usually stout put aries with that and they are downright proud of their work, put taurus, they design..put scorpio, you have a dynamo player, soothsayer or both.
virgo women are usually trim
virgo men smell amazing even with nothing, put capricorn with that and you have a ceo who loves brown rice..and smells
like amber honey
virgo women are always well read
virgo men too
they like to pretend
they like to be like peter pan
sometimes, the only clean thing around a virgo, is virgo..hahaaaaa that is what they think in their mind..really!!

I would say John Snow is a Virgo in my latest favorite book, The Game of Thrones..
John is a Virgo alright! Not that I think he is hot, (in the book he 15) it is just his qualities that strike me as Vergoan:)

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