Friday, September 27, 2013

venus in scorpio square saturn

It has been  very hard on Scorpio people all year. They have had to be argue and defend themselves and that always sucks because one must remember what one may be skewed in Scorpio's head!

When Venus went into Scorpio we had a little reprieve, there has been a little more tenderness and acceptance from one another. When we hate on Scop, we really hate them and then, we love them the same way..they bring an all or nothing vibe to the table:) I love them so much, heh!
It is better than some borring fak, watching tv and rotting as he sits there! hahahaa lol
Our energy levels have  been low. Saturn transits bring the weight of being human on us. Saturn transits bring health issue related to bones and teeth.
I am positive that you might tend to a tooth which has been bothering  you for a minute??
Well, you'll go. Saturn is about visits to the doctor, the office and basically dealing with some sort of authority or another clerk somewhere..
Really, though, you should avoid places where it is too crowded and please take the probiotics! ( I told you about 15 million times..:) Drink kimbucha, eat yogurt, the real stuff not that Muller with fucking fish gelatin in it! bastards! They lure us in the adds with sparkly  shoes and a slim sexy babe and then give us fruit with some modified fish gelatin in it! Another good time to note, things are not always as they appear.
Scorpio is about gathering info..this is the best time to get down and figure it out..

It'll be a little easier for Scorpio when Saturn goes in sag..the work ethic is going to be through the roof  so get ready for some nice things..
It'll be a grand time when mars in Libra is associated with Saturn in Sagittarius! (look for hidden money, hidden love treasure and look at the bright side, because there is a treasure there waiting for you!)
This has created  very friendly vibes between two very orderly and stern energies..Mars being very male in nature and Libra being what Libra is..elegant, attractive and smart as a whip!
Bring it!
For now and for the next few weeks, one must clean up, and get ready for the wonderful wave of change..
Do not think you can remain this intense, living your life in an emergency and never having to face who you are..
drive the insecurities away with style, smarts and sexy funky momma ways! You are you know!
( for a man I would say, "sexy  genius man ways")

Sexy Funky Style
self aware elegance

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