Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soulful Soulstice

Happy autumnal time to you all.
thank you for being here))

let's look at fall 2013..
Here we are now..
The Sun in Scorpio The Moon in Taurus
both in a dangerous and rather extravagant in their position in space with Mars in Leo..
There is the culprit here, That fak! As Mars in Leo is passing through our houses regularly every two years,  you can use the force or fight the force..(there is a force, call it human force if you want)
Many fight, which is why the tension. If you already have Leo in a weird spot anyhow, then this is the time to take charge and get a hold of yourself momma!
I have to say things like that otherwise I would stay in bed for a few days just to get away from the world..oh, :) I already do feels right. I watch movies and take note of what other writers is so awesome to me!
The game of thrones, with the sister the brother?
I suppose that is the most depraved thing he could think of to make us hate the Lanisters..All the actors in this are lovely though..the big Hawaiian guy..dude! ( i wonder if he shaves his body or if he is naturally un hairy)
Also Tirian is lovely..
I also watched Orange Is The New Black..
sheesh! that show was upsetting because of its reality..
When someone is taken from you sometimes gladly taken, you are like, "here take him, bye", you live your life, you do what you gotta do and you get your ass up and make some food and make some nice fashion and remember all shit you put up with and then you're like, dude, I don't feel bad for like all day now..I feel lighter and I feel like  I can say whatever I want, and go where I want,  now..

Separation makes you hold on to yourself and forget the make new friends, you read new books and you you learn who you are inside..not some fak, struggling along through life and hopping, praying, that (next) person won't abandon them..or perhaps they  haven't done the any ultimate thing you put a boundary on.
Have you ever said, "well if he she does this, then that is the limit, that is the worst thing they could do!"
And then you come to find out they did it already..the worst thing happened and you are not dead!!

It is hard, but as I've always said, "some things are only meant to be enjoyed for a certain amount of time"

I love oils for that reason. each selection having a different vibe and flavor!

My Mars potion is in the fifth house in Gemini..always fun...but, but, with all these boys around here, one of the  torros gets aggravated..all the torros get a little aggravated..Calmate!
Anyhow, Mars is in Leo square The sun and Moon
Prima Donna
Violent self loathing (stop that!)
Money, it changes everything
Lighten up Henbane, the future is bright, unless of course you spent last night in a ditch..course you haven't! Unless we're referring to the proverbial ditch, hahahaaa
Get your (fine ass)ass out of there, honey! Common! Open your eyes and quit making fail excuses...what do you want anyhow?
money changes everything...
A new necklace or a new pair of underpants, that always helps friend, she calls her husbands underpants, "panties".
I always smile when she says it. I am smiling now!

have a wonderful day

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