Saturday, September 7, 2013

wonderous anastasia

glorious me
me me me

some of us have the gift right now
we are working hard and getting it done..
some not so much
some want more
 bored as hell
so what do people do when they are not feeling it at work or in the bedchamber?
what do the really smart one's do so that they can get through yet another unfulfilled day?
I don't know..I have never been bored in my life..but I can see people around me who are aching for something and it sometimes seems to them that..they are crying. "he doesn't love me enough..look what he she did, omg"
I remember when one of my husbands wouldn't eat my cheese and I drew the ultimate line between us there.
As a Libran, a hearty woman and ruled by Venus in the end type, I can honestly say, if I give you cheese laced in gold and you turn away, I'l be pissed..cheat on me and I'll be you keep talking about loyalty and commitment and all the good stuff and then you sneak around in corners? ha ha ha
sorry, this note isn't about me..
I am thinking about some of the drama that has been going in people's lives.
I can  see the Uranus in Aries doing its magnetic thing all day in most folks.
Uranus in Aries, the trickster, the jester, the truth teller

can lead to dark sneaky corners, remember in space, there is more dark than light..

how to glide through the shadow zone by  me and my mind

Be a Shadow Rescuer, be the human you want to be and tell the truth to your lover, I know some of your mates are boring and inattentive, and that is when people break up..the walls become too great between you, the stupid disagreements, all of it!
I read somewhere that a relationship is based on loyalty and true chemical responses to each other. this chemical compound that is running the gig, runs out in about 4 years, after that it is the mental loyalty  between a couple that leads the way.
One of the things that will make it work is if you accept everything I tell you and everything will be fine! :))
Judging each other leads to a gap in your mind and the other areas in your brain light up away from each other's true goals..the original reason why you made this choice..
think about what you are attracting at every moment.
bearing resentment serves nobody..
be self aware
say hello to your loved ones each morning, don't be scared to tell them what you want to say
 say it, say what is on your real
and smile at me from where you are:))
the shadow rescuer, heh!

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