Saturday, September 28, 2013


I need it, gotta  have it!

I have to make something with all the cedars there are!

At work where the many come to buy skin stuff and vitamins from me, we have these soaps from Zum..
They are really our most popular thing in body care..I rarely talk about them because work is work.
I have to say that they make a consistently nice smelling soap product. They use sunflower oil or something and I question how much actual goat milk is in the soap because even a small amount causes an animal smell in the soap fat..they also use nice colors and have some really pretty soaps. Fake and fake ass oils included!
Who am I, the fake police??
I know they use fake because patchouli does not smell like their patchouli but if you like sandalwood smell and don't mind fake, their sandalwood soap smells really good..(don't tell anyone I said that)
I have been fooled a few times and loved something that I thought was real. Remember the sandalwood powder I got from India from that girl?
Fake fakety..dang it!

There is a  wonderful thing about cedar, it does not require embellishments!
Cedarwood doesn't need anyone to hold him or stroke him, cedarwood is fine with himself.

Cedarwood Oil

For cleansing the past!
Cedarwood for shedding extra weight gained from too much "self" loathing..when you hate something.

Cedarwood Atlas
cedrus atlantica
Cedarwood Himalayan
cedrus deodora

Virgina and Texas ceadar are actual from juniper family, I am including them in this blend anyhow because, I love Virginia Ceadarwood.

Cedarwood calms the mind.
Stimulates cleansing to the Kidney Lung meridian and so that will help the adrenals,thereby diffusing fear in the body and bringing calm to the mind.
If you are looking at the future, hopefully from a high road, you can use cedarwood oil to your advantage.
Cedarwood purifies energy and releases toxic emotions which stifle spiritual growth.  Cedarwood increases feelings of divine love and feelings of divine protection and purpose.

Undaunted Spunky Cedar Soap??

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