Tuesday, September 10, 2013

moon in scorpio

Did you feel that push yesterday? It was bitchin' if you ask me!
Look the truth hurts us yes, but it is slapping us in the ass so we had better face the music and sing along..hey man, you wrote that song! (by you I mean each one of us)

What to do for stress in September of 2013:)
take ashwagandha with holy basil, it is nice, I  like lemon balm extract sometimes too. mostly ashwaganda in the morning with get your juices flowing and make you smile..take some!
Gaia is having a sale..my store has it (WFM WBF) but I think you can go to your nearest health store and get some. There is a brand called Himalaya which has a good one too..it is milder than the Gaia..I still prefer an extract if I am going to take an herb., but what they are doing with herbal medicine is awesome..it isn't just dried powder in capsules anymore!

What do you fear most? What are you guilty about?
Pine Flower Essence for guilt.
A well dressed man was waiting for me when I went in to work, he was at the flower remedy section and asking if I muscle test.
I told him, yes and proceeded to confront him about his symptoms.
He was  there to get something for a loved one who did something and was now really sad about it and couldn't shake the guilt..
to  release guilt..
I was surprised at that..I felt like it was more self loathing than guilt, but I didn't tell him that..
With flower essences, you have to search deeply for the real culprit.. I wasn't gonna blurt out to him that i felt this person feeling the guilt was a  control freak..who am I  a psych doctor, some sort of witch doctor?? lol
So I continued to ask him things and say what the first thing on my mind was..slowly his face brightened from a overloaded little lord to someone about to go home and be happy..
I thought walnut, but it tested badly on him.
The final choices were pine and crab apple..pine to shed guilt and crab apple to accept yourself and others they way they are..
and then I gave him an affirmation for that friend of his and it went like this..
"I forgive myself easily so that I can forgive others without effort"
he hugged me..it was ok
as he was leaving, I casually asked him of he supposed as I do, that people create guilt so they can be sad about something? And allow for pity?
He said nothing but looked at me again, as if I just told him something he never considered before..

We all have that one or two things that we are crazy about..
obsessive about! Most of that is based on fear of loosing something..
Nobody wants to loose..jealousy and hate become a tool for some..where others can brush that stuff aside and stomp it!

Moon in Scorpio
enjoy it!


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