Sunday, September 1, 2013

a kind of September

it's raining again
on a kind of September
where flowers have fallen because they couldn't take the weight of the water
the leaves are starting to fall and the wind in the air is either cold and damp or hot, so hot
a kind of September over a wet wet summer where June and the all of July was rain and most of August... it made my garden so lush so green, it is a sight to behold really..

I am wearing oud sandalwood for the moment and now thinking one drop frankincense..
I still do not love it but I cannot stop smelling it..why citrus? My mouth waters for a while after I put it on..kind of like vetiver does, but coming from the back of my neck, my ears and my attention to my plans and my desires. Practicing to listen and observe..
For a  Libran like myself, the Sun in Virgo is about cleaning the  cob webs out of my closet (sag rsing)

For Aries, it is about clearing out bad habits and seething anger
deep inside you know what is up..peoples opinion of you do not make up who you are..for some, one can never measure up..perhaps you are reflecting something of yourself here?

On the other hand, aren't we all? I am gonna reflect off of oud now! :):)

Taurus, honey clean up your bed and get anice new neat hair know how pretty you are?
Scorpio too, stunning!

Saggitarius, focus on the good, the sages and the ouds, they will guide you..

Cappy, my moon, my momma within, always with the working, the hard hard work which you love..
I love me a good Cappy in the and my daughters all have a moon in Capricorn, how about that..
I tell you it is like three goats banging heads:) some mornings, mostly because one of them is Aries and the Other Cancer..(in astrology, that makes for dynamic energy)

Pisces, you are awesome, take care of buisness and always lead with precision.
A Leo boy might not be able to take it, but take a Libra with you and you'll be out for the dummies, as if you do not already have them pegged!!

Aquarius, hidden secrets, hidden messages, still hanging on to something..yet can't get near it, want the home and the frilly curtains and also the yoga retreats..I think you can do all of that and still design your awesome more, read more, know more...

Cancer, everything is fine, you are fine and you:)

Gemini, this month will be a great time to sort your thoughts and speak your mind, be honest, that is something good,

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