Monday, September 9, 2013

after about 6 months

at La Mona Estate in Costa Rica, where I house sat for the hippies, there were seasons different from the inner part of that little wee country..the middle is where all the volcanoes are and the beaches just have their own micro climate..
Out at the beach, water is an issue and where it goes more of an issue. Some of the little streams are looking bad and dirty with black water..everyone thinks it is all eco...:)
You see, there is only so much water underground and all the land developers don't get they take a bunch of money, and build a dream house or what looks to be one and then  the sell sell sell..
another 5 years later, there are still unofficial documents and official documents which have   not been resolved as far as water rights..
That is how it was in Delicias, De Montezuma in Costa Rica.
Water was  an issue..the Americans fought over it know the rich ones, with the giant house with the bridge on that one really lush hillside.  In some towns, developers from Israel were accused of using dynamite to blow up the hild so they can build on it..a big no no!
Don't get me wrong, during rainy season, I had often wished they would pave the whole fucker!
No wonder the women are always holding  some sort of dry mop..all day that tile gets wet and muddy..they dance while they learn things there. You learn to be happy with sound and cleanliness.
I would get up at 4:30 am with the monkeys.that is when nature is awake every morning in the jungle, on the hill, at la mona de seda
(the monkey woman of dryness))) ha ha ha ha ha
it is how it translates to me..
I would then go out and start the fire for na'an and start the process of watering the baby plants. I had a half acre of bananas to water every day. It was the best part of my whole five year experience there. They started out looking like weeds, I must have had 100 of them or so.  they  were about 10 feet tall when i left them.  Julio came and prepared the area and planted them for me. We learned to use a machete even better with Julio to teach us. I think one of my boys followed him around a lot. he came every day, up that hill and let me tell you, it was a trek..he must have been in his fifties, but i think he let the fire water drench his liver so he looked older..ancient.

I walked that hill every day too for a whole year..sometimes a Costa Rican would give me a ride from one of the back roads to my hill..never the Americans..
One day as I was walking from a beach town to the main town of Montezuma, I was sauntering down the dirt path on a hot hot day and the drug dealer stops his moto and offers a ride..course I took it!
You know what that guy said to me?
What are you doing here?"
I told him something normal like, "oh, I'm teaching English in Cabuya, or I am making sushi for the rich guy on a hill"
"you don't belong here"
"I know, honey, lets go!"
"What are You doing here, half naked on a moto, shouldn't you be in a class somewhere?"
"Hehe! Anastasia, eres muy valiente, te ammo!"

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