Wednesday, September 11, 2013

raw sunflower scrub

What do you think? I'll take all the seeds out of here while they are still soft and put them in a vita mix and make a scrub with them..
I am thinking a cake as well, something bright with sea buckthorn oil.
I have some nice ingredients at the moment. Mung bean flour, and also adzuki bean..manuka honey!
I have green clay to hold everything together and I have you!
What, do you want to scrub your face with neroli and sandalwood? Yea, me too..
Lately I have been using Manuka honey and mung bean flour, frankincense and has been delightful, it is wonderful and stays fresh the whole time!
A scrub should only last a month and then you toss it. Manuka honey makes things stay fresh, man, I know it! Wow! Honey is so cool! I used that whole sucker! It was so nice!
(save the jar for something)
I will make more.

I cut down most of the sunflowers yesterday and hung them all to dry.  Eaten raw, they taste a little like fresh corn, juicy and sweet..I just keep eating them! We have enough to eat, and re plant seeds for next year when  I will clear out the whole back of the place, for marigolds and sunflowers..I saw a garden which was all raised..that would be cool for lavender lovely that would be:) It has to be a hill of dirt and not a wooden thing..I'd make a  fence of it...I would:)
Today I will clear out the dying cukes and put some red clover seeds in that spot. They are supposed to condition the soil. If it rains before that time, so be it...I'll stay in and watch Game Of Thrones..I got the first season...
The book is way better!
more on that later")

Have a wonderful day, I think a Gemini might stop by for a sniffing session..they want to come over, fine, I'll take a Gemini  for tea!
Maybe my oils will arrive by then..

raw sunflower seed cake
you can use dry and already shelled seeds of course
1/2 cup sunflower seed meal
1 trader joes vanilla cake mix
3 good eggs
a dropper full of sea buckthorn oil
add grated lemon peel, lime peel, orange peel if you like
bake 350 till golden
12 ounces fresh squeezed orange juice
1 drop neroli (one!!)
honey to taste
reduce to a syrup on low and while warm, pour over just baked cake

serve with coffee or tea

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