Friday, September 20, 2013

the man and the taxigi

It was a warm summer afternoon in the town of Flortina Greece. the man had just arrived to visit his family for the summer.
he payed the taxigi (taxi driver in Greek) and began to walk to his brothers the way he encountered another taxigi leaning by his car.
"Give me a thousand draxmas, mate", he said in Greek..
"sorry, no", said the man.
He thought to himself that this guy shouldn't be begging by his taxi car..
After his vacation, the man came back to his life here in the good ol USA, Amerika..
Years went by.after twenty years, and lost sleep over not giving a donation to a stranger, the man could stand it no more. his guilt was too much! He planned another trip to his home town.
After saying hello to his family, he asked around for the taxigi's residence. he remembered his name after all those years..
he walked slowly up the walkway to his door. His home was small and clean..he knocked on the door and the taxigi from twenty years ago answers wearing sleeping robes and limping to the door.
"I came here to right a wrong sir"
"why, what did you do?"
"I didn't give you this money when you asked me twenty years ago, and I am here now to give it to you, here, here is a thousand draxmas"
"Yes, I am sorry and I humbly ask your forgiveness"
the old taxigi waited and smiled and then said,
"Thanks, can I have another thousand?"

one thousand draxmas = three dollars

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