Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Scorpio and why Gemini wants one

"you had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself go by"
Carley Simon, Cancer
She may have been talking about Warren Beatty but maybe she was talking about Mick Jagger..Mick is a Leo man, and Warren, an Aries, both bad choices! Seriously over 1300 women, Warren? It is a can that happen? I guess when you have a pretty face...

Having to totally change the way you do things, hurts like a dirty bitch, but you will must know how extremely gifted you are. It is a beautiful thing and none can compare to Scorpio when it comes to being the dark lord..the one who can easily go in shadows and feel things with a dragon of some sort..if we look at Scorpio, we can think of a creature who is willing to wait..and then there it is, a perfect opportunity to grasp something amazing. Saturn has been heavy on Scorpio these last few years. Saturn is about aging, getting better, learning to give, learning to recieve  and being scared a little of being  or looking gross or being abandoned.. you could never be that! You must know that you hold things together and we rely on you in so many ways..who's shoulder is best to cry on? Scorpio!

Aging is so weird..I keep pulling my face to see if I look better with a lift..I look like the cat lady with a face lift:)
People are scared of looking ugly and old, old and ugly...I have a client in retail (Taurus), I, without giving it a thought sold her a product for women. "50 and wiser"..she called me 2 hours later..
"50 and wiser??!"
"The last time I got  the the ones for women, wiser, I do not want "wiser"!"
She is her 60's..older than me..but not wiser..
You know what I said?
I explained that women as they get older, get more and more areas..
( I was hoping to kind of inspire her)
She was quiet for a minute..she just hated the word wiser..she just wants to be dry and a "woman" on paper.
I gave her what she wants..still, I can't help thinking about that much extreme rigidity..avoiding the thing that can help you because you refuse to accept reality..
Who am a mind control crone to know such things?
Isn't that like  buying a pair of jeans in a smaller size because you will loose the weight by next week's event? I knew people like that..who wants to wear a pair of pants that are ill fitting all because they have a smaller number on them?

How can you not eat strudel or some Parmigiano Reggiano with a little basil and tomato..that is like heaven..don't even get me started on olive of the most beautiful things on earth!!

That is the outside world..except for the olive oils and tomatoes and cheese.
We are here and safe from worry because we have a wonderful family life and people who love us. Scorpio always seems to know this and gain in profound ways..
have a wonderful day.Happy Birthday my be-loved Scorpio

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