Saturday, October 12, 2013

a repreive

it seems that we are given a chance to take a break and not think as much as we do..about the past, the trials the constant bombardment of events which we cannot escape from...
are we capable? of course!
do we let fear take over to a frenzied pace sometimes?

Venus and Mars are in a nice energetic place in fire signs which is energy but focused energy..not as random with Leo vibes in there..Mars in its last few days in Leo will detect some  endings and some, new awareness about their limitations as a human..
The Leo factor can be harsh. Leos themselves have been known to be harsh.
They feel entitled..but the last  few weeks may have been too much for them.
The Leo factor starts out hot, heavy and amazing always and then there is burn out and not able to be proud of their work, Leo types may have an outburst or three! They feel entitled..hahaaa

So that is where we have been all month and now to move on..Mars enters Sag soon and we get to learn.
We can learn anything we want but we get to understand more and be better  for the climb ahead..
Think more money because of your efforts and then think up a magical dream and then have that fantasy..dream on I say..
think about you, and me,  sitting at a table full of money and flasks of great health to go with..
Think about you and me deciding and giving money and flasks of good health to our beloveds and others in need...
think about who we are and how we always do our best..always, without even trying and even now our goodness makes our bellies warm and inviting for all the goodness our hearts desire.

have a wonderful day and take the next few hours of Mars in Leo to really shine in a skilled and gorgeous way!

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