Friday, October 25, 2013

in the middle

I am sitting here enjoying a spicy Cabernet Cacao tea by good:) I hope you are having a nice day. I am packing some orders and enjoying fall, I hope you are well and happy on this fine day..fine, fine-ness, thousands of years of fine-ness!

I thought about naming this soap Tobacco Road because of the design which  I managed to create with the syrupy tobacco absolute:)

This soap is really goodness!
You know, I love patchouli with oakmoss..that is how the old whore was sort of propelled in to..with out oakmoss, she isn't the old whore and with out labdanum either.. But that is her and this is another aspect of her distinctive evolutions.
This is patchouli and oakmoss..heated to almost smoke and mixed in with tobacco absolute and orange blossom absolute..there are specs of oolong tea and a hint of smoke from vetiver and smoked tea.
We may just have something of a magnificent mixture of goodness here!
I put 4 drops spike lavender..just that and loads, loads of patchouli.
In The Middle

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