Monday, October 21, 2013

digging deeper

Dang it!! I don't want to dig deeper! Mercury retrograde is here so you will, dig, I mean.
We all will, yea? Who do you love? What do you love? Why do you love him? Or her, them..
What do you get out of them? What do you give?

Yesterday,  an older fellow asked me this question, "do you like working here, because you seem to enjoy it?"
"Yes, I enjoy my job very much", I said to him, "would I rather be at home tinkering in my garden and watching telly? Yes..but my work is very exciting..and they throw money and gifts to me..and all this business with insurance is taken care of.."
"well, I  like teaching the bible for thirty years"
he was kind of behind me ( i walk fast in those boots) and didn't see me smile. "nice" I said to him..
30 years of devotion to the bible..never exploring what others on earth during the same thaw (ten thousand years time period) of the same ice age had to say about it....ok..
He is a nice fellow..what I am going to challenge everyone about their mythology..non..
He  proceeded to tell me about his 12 or 30 grand children and his ten children..he seemed so content. he hunts me down in the store when he could easily ask a grocery boy to take him to nighty night tea..

Yogananda learned to bow to the stone..sometimes we are presented with saints in odd ways...I suppose..

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