Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bringing in the ladies

 I had to bring in the ladies from the sun room because it is cold out there. It got cold! It was like a light switch too..
I have enough sweaters and coats and I hope these sweeties like it here this winter.
I made room in my work shop for them and I hope they love the steamy waves of cloudy odors coming out of the soap molds, my imaginary cauldron of sorts..with modern day is where it's at, man!!!
(one reason I like to pair like minded soap blends together..:))
I have had them for three years now, these orchids, but that was before kitty..she doesn't ever go in that corner because she is afraid of water and the sink basin is right i think we are safe. they look healthy, right?
I like the cat..she and I have a very nice Libra Scorpio friendship..she needs space from me and I give it to her. There enough people here for her to get any kind of lovin' she wants..Tom plays ball with her, she fetches the ball and places it on the carpet for him..ok, I love the kitty!
I say, "kiiiityyy" like "soooeeeyy"..she runs away and comes back for more..:) kitteeeeeii..with a weird farmer's wife kity my kity, leave the orchids alone, one is about to flower for me for the first time and I hate to have to make that purple flower feel forlorn..please leave my lady orchids alone"

We are about to enter an intense period of astrological magnificence..with Uranus involved, I see a rigid militant vibe and some jerk of course will take it the wrong way and try to control with power. I say, if you can, take the high road and treat people with honesty and gracious and hold to the idea that we  fix things not make blame. If anyone dies in this and they will, you will be the strong one. (by death, I mean an end and not necessarily and physical death) death is complex!
Yes, a small percentage die, somehow. (who am I yoda?)
the rest of us will have to tend to our needs, our basic survival instincts come through in many colorful ways..
some work harder, others hide in their cave, make due with less, need less and adjust.
Some take power by bringing people down others can look at the bright side.
If you are gonna slice something in half, then think about it first!
Give a man a hand, but not your arm..if he takes your arm and eats it, then you are both watching too much walking dead on netflix, haa
I get to a point, where I cannot watch any more harrowing experiences where zombies get sliced, axed or shot of course..I will watch more tonight with my boy..

 It is about the facts and the real facts and be honest, do not make up reasons for your suffering. Why are you unhappy? What do you want? Money, a marriage, a home, a garden or a delicious lover adoring only you?
In your twenties, you are sorting through what you do not want..there is a lot!
In your thirties you will want fewer, simpler things. In your forties, you will have adjusted to keeping what you have, your dignity, I hope,  letting go of hurts and bad people in your life and starting new projects..In your fifties, you are suave beyond words because of the pain you went through for the last twenty years..loosing people hurts.
I do not know about the sixties, but I  see women and men in that age group everyday. I suppose that is where the idea of cynicism some seasoned sufferer who went to the dark even for a minute!

You do not have to suffer, not unless you are in a war or some other real calamity, otherwise, think about what makes this such an emergency that you are screwing up your adrinals for?
Calm down honey..think about making some things simpler. perhaps you are doing more than your body can handle. You need to rest, rest a book, read two, read a nice sentence written by a smart person, one that makes you think about what is real and what is greed...I know, it is big!
I will tell more abut mercury in the next one..

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