Wednesday, October 16, 2013

etsy glitch

Ok so I can accept credit cards on etsy, yea!!
It is great, people are buying there is all this money that I cannot use right away..
They hold the money for five days and the it gets deposited in your account.
Cool,  I waited, the pot would just keep growing right?..They say it is a one time time so I am going to stick it out:) It'll be my growth time, I thought to la la

the money?
where is it?
I can't find the money now. It did not get deposited and it is not in the shop payment account on my etsy thing..and, and after I went and tried to update my back account, they say my routing number is wrong. It wasn't wrong the first time now it is wrong..??

Do you know how much I wish we went to cash again?
And we all lived near each other and we don't need fakin insurance and fakin cards..yes it is raw and hard too in its own way..
is this mercury retro already??
mercury is always about too many details..ETSY should have their own credit card like paypal and then, done, no problems no transfers no having to review every periods, no dots and no hyphens allowed.
I tried that off the grid thing in Costa Rica. there is a lot of walking and you must clean the floor two times a day..
every day and in rainy season three four times..that is why the momma stays is simple.
you put the beans on, fry up some big bananas, in the hills they use lard from their own pig and in "town" they use a common oil there, safflower..they fry up slices of big  bananas every morning..they eat them with beans and an egg from their own is a nice life..the men all cheat on their wives..I didn't find them the Colombians,,sweet lord..nice skin, always naked and kind of! The women are all like J Lo..jiggly and naked all day..
They reach a point their mid forties, the women there look  kind of squarish and cut their hair short..I found it interesting..and they changed to wearing a two piece polyester dress thing..

Ok back to reality..I am calling my bank to see if the routing number can even have nine digits..

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