Friday, October 11, 2013

good friday to you lets talk planets:)

lets keep it simple, lets keep it tight
libra sun squares cappy
it is time to submit and not suck :)

I see a libra man being kind of a jerk..some of them can..I am sorry  it is true..libras get pissed about the smallest things too and in men that is more testosterone and that may  mean militant obsessions..
dude, you look like a mean shreck with that pad of paper in your hand all what if you are the boss..
try to see other's point of view and know what you are doing instead of making rules just because you are in charge..

Yes, I know a couple of libra men .. I love them, we are friends, but man, oh man are we different you and I.
I forgive you and myself...I am sure I was militant about martial arts back in the day..
Once, I made every one's vacation in Hawaii kind of a drag. We had to stay near a gym or I wouldn't go with..
dude, I have grown out of that, really:) I was like,  "What? You want me to go to Hawaii and not go to Gold's gym so that I can wear my Gold's Gym sweatshirt at the Powerhouse gym in Garden City, Michigan?"
I worked out with Hulk Hogan and some other really big guys who would come  to our gym..
My family didn't care where we stayed ..:):)

Libras..we want all the goodness all day and for some it does not mean always doing things some one's our mind..remember the symbol for Libra? A tall chick holding both arms out, always overlooking, always overlooking, scanning, weighing, thinking...
Capricorn is sometimes tired out by all that mental crap..they get things done like a steam roller..nice and slow and deeply ingrained..making a step so that they can use to climb down and then go easily back up..

Capricorn vibes make us see our clutter. we want to clean up a d tidy up and sparkle through...
Doing a little cleaning, sweeping and dusting can change your day so fast!
now, lets have lunch!

Black beans salad and
home made  apple is the spice:)

I am happy on this very good Michigan day, I hope you are too!

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