Saturday, October 5, 2013

I laugh at my geekiness

I spell things wrong and now with spellchecker on automatic, I say things all wrong..I wonder how google gets these ideas!
Sorry guys. I am a geek all day!
I will say this though..
when it is  comes down hard, I can talk about it..
words come out and people ask me why I say things.
I do not always know why..
maybe I am the bob dylan of soap making, lol!

His words spoke about a feeling..look at "tangled up in blue" the ultimate bittersweet love song!
About gut wrenching separation with people who should be away from one another because the love the hate is too much, it sucks them down to a point that cannot be completely detached from..
I suppose that is what people call baggage, right?
You carry bit and pieces with you in your life which you've cherished and some which tore you apart..trimmed you down a tad..let you see the dark edges in a person you love and still forgive them..even so...
sigh, what do I know, I can't even spell words but my is spell binding, really!
LOL, yo!

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