Monday, October 7, 2013

Spell Binding Sage Soap

The month wouldn't be an Air element and Libran, if there weren't any sage...

Spell Binding Sage
Sage drives away any negative force, sage draws forth courage and clarity and yes, a coldness like ice..when need be,  ability to see through veils..(Isis)
I added the sage to 3 ounces patchouli and only about 5 mls, you do not need to use a whole lot. Sage with patchouli. Like woven velvetycloak on you, warm, soft, mellow, rich, in velvet maroon colors...
Ah, patchouli, so that we can be secure about the goddess in us, she is always right there, telling, asking, anointing you with fearless calm and grace.
She is what you are in your own head, in your mind.
No she isn't always pretty, (Hecate)but then you see into her eyes and a billion lights twinkle in there, you connect, your heart aches a little and it is a good hurt..(Demeter)
I then reached for something I had ready near by..holy basil and pumpkin seed oil infusion.
I poured that in..
then came the oud perfume from last month when I wove this had one drop mint, no one knew about it. I never said a word, I wanted to tell, but said nothing....and now it became magik...(Astarte)
then, I shook that 32 times (oh, mighty Isis) lol
now comes the best part..
allow to settle for a few minutes and then add,
Virginia cedar

Your will is your just keep remembering that and everything will take care of itself...(if magik can happen with essential oils, then it can happen in you and me, we are capable of so much we still have yet to understand....about ourselves and our true power..our will)

thank you

"I guess that is why they call it window pane"

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