Monday, October 7, 2013

Current Planets7-Oct-2013, 11:42 UT/GMT
TrueNode748' 8"

The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the true node in Scorpio..that is what is up!
People have asked me, "what is up?" Is Mercury retrograde..soon yes, and that does cause some tensions with money and how much you have to fix things which break..look at the dynamic between the Mars Venus square..
stubborn pride gets you no just makes bigger rifts between lovers and friends..
also it matters to a Scorpio type about clean and tidy and the Leo type just wants to lounge and love..
I think in the end, it is all good.
We can take this moment to secure ourselves a little better for the next time. Scorpio is about details and Leo too, but more thorough even..
it is great fit for change and art. good coffee, good food and good sex..pain, and sorrow..and remembering non essentials for this wasteful and gets you all riled up..
forget the past..even for a moment and forget it again later..
forgive now, clean you space and speak up the truth..people will try to twist might even twist won't change the facts..and it is all water under the bridge anyhow..
what do you want at this moment?
If you say it out loud to yourself, you will note how you convince yourself about why you want this..or that..

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