Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mars in Virgo and Pluto Capricorn

it is nice for so many reasons..
These two related planets, remember that Mars is co  ruler of Pluto..at least that is what I've been taught..
sweet seduction
looking clean and tidy..
getting the truth out.
reckoning with you over needs..over needs..over needs

Well if Pluto in Capricorn teaches us to do without, Virgo can wait for the best thing  best. So strive for all the best and be content is the message I get..

my dream..
i was at an ocean and I was actually skimming in the shallow parts of a lovely clear little cove..on my left, there was a stone built fence under water guiding me..i skimmed it with my left hand and it was in my sight all the way as far as I could see, but I didn't even look..I kept my head down and my left arm out about half way to guide me as I skimmed under the water in soft sand.. I woke up thinking, about how I don't like being under water but in my dream it was easy and like nothing..I moved like a creature of water..effortless..
that was my lunar eclipse dream..all 12th house:)
all i can think of now is, who built that stone gateway..? me?

The 12th is all about fear, darkness, abandonment, solitude and duties to the point of confinement..
the 12th house is hospitals and building with many rooms..confinement..
it is art, dreams and awareness...
Now for many of us with Cardinal planets, like Aries, Like Libra, Cancer, well there are challenges..

Aries, you areas of discontent, may  seem trivial to some fixed types..maybe you do not need proclamations of happiness to be happy and content..

Libra, paperwork and all that crap you hate must be dealt with..why do you keep your head in the sand..there is no magic jeany going to fix things for you..right?

Cancer, slowly but surely you are an expert at managing..for some it may seem too slow, for others just enough..you glow like a sunny afternoon on my patio drinking oolong and talking about all the things you want to do with your life. Plus, You are so nice..so nice..

have a wonderful day

next soap via me and that lovely gemini boy..black charcoal with rose and a hint of vetiver..how does that sound?
Who wouldn't want one!
They are going to be so cute! I will splurge and use about 1/2 ounce rose absolute for 8 bars witch I will cut in to 16 sweet squares and wrap for you..black because charcoal in a nice cured soap is heaven, heavenly..
that'll be for us..we'll save our soap for a really special  yule or to give to someone who knows rose and really loves rose..with vetiver..yes..

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