Sunday, October 13, 2013

the full moon and next week

Do you believe another year has gone by and I am still fucking beautiful?
I don't mind it a what by 60 I'll likely have deeper etches in to my skin like a good witch should..
I have a strong will, I do!
and craft of the usage of it..does that make me a witch?
Fine then, I am..I am also a yogi and a friend and I am another year older and closer to DEATH!
calm down yo, I am kidding..everything is really good.

 There is a girl at work who is so sweet, she keeps asking what I'll do for my birthday..I took the day off for one thing:())maybe I'll go and buy myself a new book to get lost in and get some paper in Ann Arbor and then eat some Zingermans delishousness!
Too much adoration makes a Libra uncomfortable..she gets awkward and trips and maybe even cries if there is a sweet baby near by..throw a John Lennon song in there and she gets really perclempt..spell that!

Next week we have the full moon , open your eyes moon and see the truth moon and this year it is on October 18th!
I feel like any Libra is going to get boons at this time but also all next week we still will focus on bills and getting our paperwork in order..simplify and go for it..for sure.
get the work done, be nice and smile at all you meet!
life is swell for the most what if you can't buy that cream with ground diamonds in it,( to me that would be the equivalent of 3 ounces orange blossom absolute) you can buy a nice bar of soap for yourself loaded with beautiful oils and sunny bright intentions..(take my word for it) at Eleneetha's!!

Now lets think about an Aries Full Moon and what it can do for you..

Aries Libra polarity is a relationship axis..
it is all about me and you..Where Libra is fair minded and about being equal, Aries is about being authentic over being tactful... think about how you serve the needs of your loved one..
we are talking relationships here..
Libra is about compromise, Aries is about the self and what you are getting from your partner..your work, your craft, you are iether attending to it or not..
In my opinion there may be some  needing declarations and giving in..admitting, letting go, letting be and allowing for some space for the other person..
Let's see how this week unfolds for us...

sleep potion

one drop each
ylang ylang

put some on your wrists and then rub your wrists on the top of your head, on your hair...
as you sleep, the oils will get on the pillow and continue to relax your mind as you sleep. try that with about 500 mgs of holy basil and you will float to sleep..and dream nice things..

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