Wednesday, October 2, 2013

game of thrones and my humble review

It was really good. I thought too gory, too naked, fine naked ok, too revengeful..
avenge this and avenge that..
people and their gods, and women and their loyalty.
I got to listen to the first book and and then couldn't wait so I watched the two seasons on Amazon on my telly.
Also when you buy the season, they give you little backgound information about how they make the sets and whatnot:). The set designer is this woman about my age with about the same lines on her face from thinking too I want to be like some one like that. She designs all those sets and evokes the tone and how we will feel as the characters move about.. a lot of wine drinking!

The writer writes very nice sentences. He does a good job putting real history and myth together.
Who is in line for the throne! It is true, medieval kings were as ruthless as the story illustrates. And when you fight with swords, guts spill out!

"The old gods, the new, they're cunts!" omg...:) lol it isn't an exact quote, but I enjoyed it.

I love swords!
I love to hold them, fight with them if I could ( I will try) and I know which character I am in the story, two..
the amazon knight and the girl Arya..
I love swords so much.
One time, I went to a festival with some witches and there were all sorts of vendors there selling stuff. there was a sword there which I fell in love with. It wasn't valarian steel  but it was a perfect size..I couldn't afford it then perhaps not even now..the guy was asking like 400 dollars then.. I have never forgotten it..I know the girl who bought it. I wonder if it is still in her hands. She would make clay sculptures that would knock your sox off.
she was Libra!
We are rather elegant in so many ways and then there is the sword factor!
We cut through things and separate the parts..right in two..yes it hurts like a dirty bitch!
I am sorry about that..
In higher spiritual forms the notions is that , human suffering is based on desire..I do not know who said that, some Buddhist or something.

I did really love it that the imp was so awesome in this story. The actor is brilliant. What dignity, smarts and a measure of vulnerability most would not tolerate..I loved it! Oh, and the dragons..later they will likely melt that iron throne! I wish I could watch season three right now! I have to wait!

Have a wonderful day,  I will to go cook something for  when they all come home. I don't like it when my family just forages in the kitchen so I have been making one pot meals..Delicious dishes. There is always enough soup..always..
(George Dimopoulos used to say to me, "you know how I make money?
"No, how, George?" I asked as I prepped his pile of onions.
 "With my soup and my salad dressing!"

I love you:)

George's Greek Dressing
olive oil 1 cup
wine vinegar 1/4 cup..I always use more:)
(these must be the best you can afford)
grainy mustard
a shot tobasco
whip in a blender
1 teaspoon fine dice red onion
1 clove garlic fine  fine dice..
1/2 teaspoon celery, fine dice
give it one pulse or two


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