Sunday, October 13, 2013

mercury is in scorpio enough

to get your ass in gear..get intense, get, caring about your work.
in other words, you are gonna have to pay to piper, if you wanna dance to the music..
I learned a dance to "tears of a clown" when I was 14 or something and the piper song was also popular..
Diana Ross was so big in Detroit then,' and so, we danced our asses off. Then,she went on to make the inspiring(not) "I know that you're cheating but no one makes me feel like you do" Inside Out..jeez!
Nice way to inspire  everyone, expecting less..we all have, I suppose..well, in so so saying, we get to the point when it is enough! Really!
A a Libra woman, I  am not completely incapable of relating to the notion, that people want other people in their sex life..but still, for practical reasons, we do not share our body fluids with just anyone! Am I right?
Who knows what that person who cheats brings
I read a book on the nature of germs and bacteria and how people get is telling..not a depressing way..just awesome information..I mean it is quite a disaster..but germs are so interesting.
"coming plague"
you can get it on Amazon,

The Sun and Moon in Air will be fun and intensely surreal today with a clean sky getting thicker and then rain later..gotta go..
have a wonderful day

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