Thursday, October 24, 2013

face creams

I know, we get  dry and you faces need nutrition..not just face cream.
As you know, I am in the business..both retail and handcrafted skin care..
I am telling you that you can put all the peptides you want, nothing is going to do the things they say it does..that is why all the rich with money get face work done..they call it work..
You should see the women that come in for arnica pellets! 200!
It is funny and sad..
I'll, at times be out of 200 c and they squawk,lol.."now I have to take double of the 30c"
"No. you won't, it doesn't work like that"

Here is the plan..nice skin is not peeled or is who you are man..
I mean, on the one hand, sure, of course I am so happy I do not have to hunch over laundry in the river, and women and men,  are, at this time on Earth, aging slower than 100 years ago!
Well, for one thing we have more nutrients than ever and we do not hunch in the fields or grind over an ax, or an anvil or even the dishes. I like a dishwasher, one two three, bamm clean counter..
Things are getting easy for us and that is good. The skin care on the counters in retail stores? Dude!! No!!
Think about how much potassium sorbate you want on you..that stuff is acid..acid..not cool..grapefruit seed extract is no better! I have heard some things about that stuff as a preservative..
Rosemary extract..(they take the smell out but it still has a strange texture to me)..
Skin Care needs to be fresh..that is the key.. that way, you do not have to worry about preserving the ingredients..I think so :)

I want to make a really nice winter cream for the face..some people love creamy opaque and some love oily.
In winter, oily is long as you are damp. That makes all the difference. It is the moist maker! For the face, I say a little spring water, hydrosol and then the will emulcify with your skin's moisture at that time and give you coverage and protection.

Right now I am using frankincense balm on my face after a shower. yes, it has olive oil..did you know that olive oil has palmitic acid and loads of vitamine e?
Also I have a few others, a jasmine sandalwood thing I had made for Shabra, there was a wee bit left over, it got really nice in time..olive oil based..there is also a cream I made with resin oils, royal dawn..more for the body, that one..It is a little heavy for my face, I have used it though..
Next.  a jar or two pluto potion with orange blossom absolute..
a little will go a long way but I like that one on my neck..olive oil based..
There are many who use pluto potion at the moment!
Pluto potion is 6 ingredients;
beeswax,extra virgin  olive oil, ylang ylang extra, orange blossom, a drop vanilla co2, patchouli..fine fine aged patchouli..for your fine fine aged assezzz babies!
After you put on oil, cream, you must wipe it off, pat dry and let your skin breathe for a few minutes..
Then, you can decide if you want to go make up work, I always wear powder and eye stuff..I love black eye liner..not the liquid stuff because I cannot put that one

Olive oil is noted for its polyphenols and flavonoils and high vitamine e content .and these constituents may be the reason olive oil is so able to blend itself in skin can take any essential oil easily. Other phenolic constituents include aldehydic secoiridoidsflavonoids and lignans (acetoxypinoresinolpinoresinol).[56] The latter two compounds are only present in extra virgin oil.

Now, I am inspired to try some new oils in a balm for us..maybe  not olive..maybe some really nice new know a little hemp oil on the face is lovely..maybe I will take a look at Botanical Innovations ( thank you, Miss Lindengliitter) for ideas on which fatty acid will serve us best this season..Prep is my favorite part when making things for you:)

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