Friday, October 4, 2013

what is it?

We Have The Sun The Moon both in Libra..yea!
I like the feeling of reprieve and calmatude for that. The New Moon has brought with it, ideas of adjustment, justice, and a tearing apart of information.
With Scorpio influencing from behind the scenes we are continuously challenged by deep dark secrets and their baggage..
Plus it is the year of the snake for a few more months.

Think about that..the snake really doesn't care about world hunger or if cows are mistreated, he is a snake..he goes for what a snake would go for..
Look at the mother hen and her babies..she knows exactly what is up with her little ones..never getting too far from them because  they are in hers.
I guess my point, on this very early Friday morn, is that we shouldn't concern ourselves with things that are not real to us or not so important. We will concern ourselves with Libra vibes..
Bathing, smelling good and looking fine ass fine!
Oh, I didn't tell you that air signs obsess..oh, yes..look at Gemini's attention to minute little details other signs would never catch. Look at Aquarius with her penchant for experiencing life at its fullest and decorating it just so..does it border obsession? Libra with her flavors having just the right balance!

Libras can be quite militant too, especially Libras with Virgo planets. I worked with this Libra girl once..she was smart and mean..and you wanted to kick her ass! She inspired rage in people..dude, no matter how amazing you are, don't be rude because of it. Kindness is also always remembered. 
I hope she grew out of that. Libra always grows out of things that haven't worked. Every two years or so they transform and become better. That is, The Libra Way~

Every October, we can celebrate who we are, we can also learn who we do not want to be. That is what Libra Sun vibes bring to the table.

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