Friday, October 18, 2013

Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo and The Full Moon

So do not think you are the only one here..I always do..who else is there?
Happy Full Moon
It is grand really. Mars in Virgo trine Pluto doesn't care..there is work to be done..slaves, humans have always had slaves to do their dirty work.
I like the fact that I can get dressed nicely and go to work and be elegant but at home, I wear and old pair of sweats to clean..
That is mars in Virgo all day. For Virgo, it means getting to the low down..You must work, and I know some Virgo peeps think that sitting at the computer is working, and it is working, but now get up and do it, take that next step towards whatever you really fight things too long..not fight..
wait for..goodness help you if it is a Taurus Moon person with Virgo planets! You will wait for the best thing!
Sweet Isis, I am surrounded by Virgos and Scorpios..sometimes too much waiting. You put Leo behind all that and you will have artistic, very bohemian family life..I know I do..
yes yes, the girl is here..why?
She could have easily stayed home with her momma yesterday?
I do not know why..I know I cannot ask her to leave..I can't, she is nice, and very to her self..but, we are all is like she found a little corner to sleep in, like a cat..she is Leo:)
I will grant this gift to her till the semester is over.
I am so Libra like that..just can't get to that last step of really saying how you feel. Maybe it is better not to say anything sometimes, yes?
My friend will ask pretty much anything..
Like, "Does that manuka honey bleach your skin because of the hydrogen peroxide in there?"
She's like, "I don't want to bleach my eye brows!"
"I don't think so, but do not apply directly to the eye brows..I have been using it for weeks..I like it a lot!"

**the manuka honey can lighten the skin a little if you put it on neat and let it sit of a long time on the area. I do not think the facial scrub  will bleach your hair because it is being carried by the clay and other botanicals in there, plus you add water and it gets further diluted in the mix..and then you rinse, I like the effects, but if you have any doubts, toss it, I will make you something else..

I love scrubs, they are so so nice:)
I have been using the charcoal soap on my is awesome and feels different. Ever wash your face with charcoal based products? There is a strange clean with it, yes?
Not dry, but something totally changed.
We are beautiful, I know this! Good fats mean something! Real ingredients help us, toxic things hurt..I want the best things for you. And may you be basking in the lotto of life!

There is is then..xo
Libra's Birthday Special

you get
one jasmine lemon beeswax jelly
a one  ounce jasmine lemon oil with sea buckthorn and hemp oils
a one ounce vial of toner with witch  hazel, lemon and jasmine

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