Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Dark Matter Of Black Madona

can i tell you that the whole place radiates with a little rose and a little vetiver..
we are all well and very happy on this fine chilly morning..
I made some soap yesterday:)
now i am about to clean the house with lemon

1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup soap water
lemon oil

This I damp mop with after a good sweep through the house with my broom made by the broom chick on etsy..another great Tonie find! Miss Linden Glitter, I love you..if I were gay, you'd be my wife! You will just have to settle with my love and affection for you.

Tonie wants jasmine with lemon..
I will 
so we should expect a balm and a witch hazel spray..that is how she asked for it..
She loves everything i throw at her and she explains her reasons.
I have really nice friends in my life..look at me doing things..i have been going out with an Aquarius friend for dinner and a chat..i like her..she is safe and i get to get out of the cave for a couple of i said, my friends are all lovely high thinking babes..i am skittish about leaving my cave..there is so much to do..
i wonder why i am in this work mode??
Mars in Virgo!!!
Ah my beautiful Mars in Virgo Magnetism
my home is clean
I am so busy
doing one thing at a time
cleaning up my messes with ease and grace
I love you so..bring me some dreams
 one, like the night before where I was gliding through water like a creature of space and time..where my realities are beyond my understanding and then somehow, effortlessly easy and here and now it becomes clean and tidy in my mind...
I am ready to submit to my needs by serving others
I am ready to remember my internal prayers
I am now remembering all the goodness I had stored away to use at this moment..
thank you

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