Tuesday, October 8, 2013

shipping fees and what not on etsy

I am really diggin etsy lately! I have placed myself among a crowd of perfumers and soapies of all sorts and people who love warm sweaters and knitted things, heh!

This chick the other day wrote me to yell about my shipping fees to other countries..
its 23.99 bitch..and I charge 20..why are you writing me to yell about fees?
I told her that without saying bitch..(I said bitch because of breaking bad)))
If you think it is less, I will gladly work with you..
"never mind!, I'll go elsewhere", she said to me, lol
I wrote her back, saying, "so, you just wrote me to argue, you must have a whole lot of time to get mad.."

You may have noticed that I use padded flat rate envelopes for the soap and creams. It enables me to stuff that thing with as much as i can..more that in a small flat rate box. I pack them well, I do.
So far I have had one breakage in 4 years and that was in another country where they should have been gentle.. maybe some bad labels but you can tear that off. You know, the thing with labels, I struggle a little.. I always say this to me' self.."dude your a soapmaker, who cares about the paper!"
I know, we want the label on the cream not to get oily..and then look bad..tear that fucker off of there!
Now, you have a clean jar you can wipe down when ever you like. I try to be careful with perfume labels and have been known to save empty spray bottles for year and years..ah, Libras and their trinkets!
(i like to use grain alcohol with lemon to clean things..on a damp cloth, it is nice..:)

Lemon is so beautiful! So clean and fresh..I have 5 golden sunny lemon soaps right here right now.
In those 5 bars there are 4 ounces maybe 6 of lemon oil..whoooo!
That is not all!
I also added another two ounces grapefruit seed oil..to densely citrus with bitter that I call it,
 "lemonchello dollop"

I will list that soon as I cut it..not for every day but when a guest comes, you scent the whole bath with lemony goodness...
and believe me when I tell you that you will not get sensitivity, just don't use it on your baby. remember that many of the acidic compounds in citrus get oxidized by the high ph of the sodium hydroxyde and fats during the soap process.  You get concentrated flavor in a blast..
Plus you can use a little on acne or your laundry..one little sliver with backing soda will scent your whole wash...

I love soap, I love good soap, and I love you and I thank you so much for allowing me to make yours:)

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