Saturday, October 12, 2013

violets and broom flower

So some of you may had had the pleasure of using this beauty right here. I let it go, I was busy and hadn't the chance to use this violet leaf creation.
I knew it would be good because I was all immersed in Game Of Thrones at the time.Plus the original Plantagenet wore broom flower in his hat when he arived in England. I dreamed of how broom flower would smell to me now.
(sweet, powdery, delicate, tang, pleasant, dry) I remember them in Greece. The seed pods would "pop" open and make a sound..

I wanted to create a manly yet sweet smell in a soap.Something for a warm man for me  and heady woman for you if you want one, you know someone, just in from some adventure, holding gems in his hand for me and with him, a tobacco, vanilla, amber, horsey,  animal  scent having the edge I may crave as a woman..
Back in the day my man would be coming down the hill holding dinner in one hand and paw paws in his pocket because he knew I loved them...they are amazing from a tree on a hill somewhere..
When a good clean man is sweaty and warm, it can be intoxicating..that and his deeds towards you..

The Venusian Violet Soap
Now it is is gone, save for a sliver from trimmings. I will make more, but it won't be like this was..they never are because I set a high bar, lol:) and then reaching it requires deep concentration and letting go at the same time...

My lovely customer wants an oil with this blend..
very good idea..
stand by:)

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