Friday, October 4, 2013

witch's brew special

Witch's Brew October special

This is the soap I will offer as part of the special.
It is great deal. You get a nice hunkin' bar of soap, a sweet potion and an oil..

this is soap is about evoking,  asking, telling about attraction and about plenty..
I call it "Royal Spice" evoking attraction.
I started with frankincense, of course and then, a little twist of lemon..not too much
labdanum to hold and secure
orange peel to brighten dark corners and dissolve fear
cinnamon bark and clove for courage to speak and be clear
a shot of anise
a shot of cassia
copal co2
peru balsam
vanilla co2
jasmine for the raw animal, for Isis,  full of mystery
rose for sweet tender yoni open to receiving..(yes, i said, yoni))
heat blood strong and fervent

The balm which will go with this will blow you away..It will be warming and very easy on your skin. I am not about to burn you with cinnamon balm..I think you might like this to be more frankincense and bitter orange, more like incense rather than cinnamon..


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