Thursday, October 3, 2013

herb pharm

Such a nice company. You have a guy, who is really a little genius, doing something which helps the planet.
They always keep their integrity.

Ever feel as if the whole world came crashing down on you and you had nothing to do but face it and  accept what it is?
They call it anxiety disorder..or something like that. I call it fear!
Have you ever been presented with some news or some dreaded future endeavor and then lost it because it seemed so daunting?
Me too! I get to cry some times!:))
There are always reasons and there are magnetic forces for the physical effects.
 I feel it is merely a little taste of what the Uranus Pluto square..zappy zone..fricking fear zone we should call it..remember that no matter how awful you feel and it seems as if your heart will explode, it won't and you still must face this fear..
You did it:)
Now seal it with the truth and be brave in the face of'll find that things continue weather you die or not..don't die.
just saying..

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