Friday, October 4, 2013

we are everything we have everything

We are as it is every three months approaching a mercury retro. Overspending on big things like cars and stuff may be hasty now because you have overlooked some paperwork or bills you will deal with in the next few days.
We are also approaching The Sun in Scorpio so that is all money, other people’s money and how good you are at dealing with it. Also because the Scorpio element wants the best, you have overindulgence extraordinaire.   

Personally, I would spend it all and then ask for more. I seem to have a knack for using all the money.  That is what it is for..for me to  comes, it goes..I have been rich  and I have done is all the same. I rather liked it when I was in the jungle and no one knew my name and I made tortillas and na’an and all sorts of flat bread because the oven was outside and it was nice. I made breads for a year..puff pastries, and sour dough’s.. I would have to say that making bread in Costa Rica was one of the most satisfying experiences on my culinary path. In the morning as my dough was blooming, I would read Escoffier, Julia, Bobby Flay..all the books I had.. and..I would plan and  think about the next little salad I would make for the restaurant..One time I made a custard cake..a beautiful crust enveloping a firm delicious custard cream inside.  It took all day. They were like, “ why, why is she going through all that trouble?” I made raspberry sauce to go over it.  The owner would go to the city and buy me whatever I wanted.
He was so generous, he was! One time when I first met him, he said, “you are so raw, you don’t even know what you can do!”  Looking at him and saying nothing, which I should do more, I said, “so you like my sauce?”


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