Saturday, October 19, 2013

just some astro thoughts

Aries, your pot is being stirred up by Uranus for is very interesting:)
As  long as you curb rebellious ways and become authentic even in your relationship, you are and can be  happy..
authentic is a big word..and to me and what I see about this is, you are in a constant challange for that perfect shore, that perfect house or perfect war..but things in our world have changed..we make big mistakes and we call them sins...we lie to protect ourselves from our own wrath..
what is best is not what is traditionally best..the good thing about you is you are forgiving..but the hard part (heh!)is forgetting..
Taurus, you have never had many friends and parties in your life, and now even less..This is a good time to direct you fortunes to you art, your design and you ability to explain things..nice and slowly..
Gemini, oops! Baby?? It is cool, you are ready...every other Gemini, you can look forward to a busy year where you work more, better, and is there a seriousness I have never seen before?
baby is code for new job, new outlook, new big are ready, and Gemini boy is having a sweet baby with the girl..he is so cute and the girl is so cute and prim..:)xo
Cancer, you have waited a long time for you partner to get it together with some ongoing little issue..By June you will ask for what you deserve..dude, it is too long in coming, say it! No, not to me, but the other person..say it..It'll be good, promise..
Leo, You've been spreading yourself too thin and that makes you cranky:) by February, you will begin a period of expansion with regards to new friendships which will help your future..
Virgo, you are ready to own your talent, and be the, I do not know. But relationships can get complicated and money may be an issue right'll figure it out because if anyone can wait for the best things it is you..
I am really excited to see what you come up with this time:)
I just want to grab a  good Virgo and squeeze..with love! Not the one I was married to..that was too toxic..I don't hate him has been so many years, I forgot what he looks like, the fak! :)lol
Which leads me to Libra~it is a grand time to focus on business and work may  feel strapped with money, and that leads you to work harder.. it is isn't real..the strapped part..Libra just has anxiety about certain things like money, like little leaks in sinks and basically mundane things!
"don't they have a person who does that?"
"I'm busy making perfume"
Scorpio, it may  feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders..again, this is only an illusion..still though, your leisure time is almost all gone  running here, working in a new town here and there..but honey you look amazing..Scorpio is my one  favorite signs and among the most beautiful in the zodiac, dark eyes, smart brain, clean wardrobe..yummy and dangerous..:) the way you communicate will change drastically in the next few years..
Sag, people come and go and your own idea of what you want will change a little this year.
stay focused and do not change your mind about the good stuff.
Cappy, Boons my dear boons, you benefit from many boons, your life is good and your head hurts sometimes because it is so full of ideas and information!                                                                               Aquarius, a lovely sign, I am just getting to understand..they love high quality and lots of it..i am learning to relax a little and be accepting of their love and you?
well Aquarius, good things..
for one thing you do not see it now but in about a year's time, you might be managing due to the recognition you are now getting for your hard efforts..
you will change so much, you already have. You are in a position to become a teacher or role model..and your look will change more this year more than any other time..I do not see you staying in this new place too are headed somewhere else again! Money seems to fall in to your lap, but know exactly what you are doing and, you are willing to live with less so that others whom you love can have more..
glorious, you ahh!

**as always, my astro thoughts are just me, ranting and it is all for fun and a reflection of our mythology:)

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